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Beer Can Racing
LeechLine Communications | Suzy Leech

Beer Can Racing is an iOS app for simple navigation using your Local Race Marks.

Sailing clubs often assign their own mark names to refer to permanent Government marks. These mark locations are usually printed-out each season, or found on-line...
but now Beer Can Racing provides them all in an iPhone app, overlayed over NOAA (and other International) charts, allowing you to easily plot and visualize your course. By specifying the expected True Wind Direction (TWD), you can also compute the True Wind Angle (TWA) for each leg of the course, allowing you to decide which sails to set on each upcoming leg.

Coming Soon: enter & save your own local race marks, and build & save your local club's favorite courses! Until I have added this functionality, please EMAIL ME (at the address to the right), and I will add them for you.

Beer Can Racing is also working to add functionality to help Race Committees lay race marks, and then communicate the courses to race participants. If your Club would like to take part in the beta testing for this functionality, please let me know!